Elephant of the week (& there’s an elephant at the gym!)

Getting pulled a bit off course again… all the work is piling up and Ellie just wants to hide in bed and cry… no time for that though! Here is this week’s elephant of the week!!


These cool elephant chairs (for kids) are at the gym at Lancaster University! I saw them, and thought I’ve GOT to use these as elephants of the week! Especially because it should act as a reminder to myself to GO TO THE GYM!

I’ve decided I really need to sort myself out… Lately I’ve put on a bit of weight and I don’t like it! So there’s only one thing for it…a change in Ellie’s lifestyle, that involves more of the gym and less of Cadburys Chocolate! (Although it’s easy to see which I’d prefer!)

This could well be a side effect of the medication, but hopefully a healthy diet and exercise will get rid of the unwanted flab! If not, it’s time to toddle back to the doctors and ask to change…



Elephant of the Week

Ok, so it’s a day late, but it’s here!! (And so am I!)

This beautiful elephant has pride of place in my living room (in my uni house) as one of my housemates (Mr Map) bought it and put it up to cheer me up!

Elephant poster


Unfortunately the picture quality isn’t fantastic, but I wanted to show him to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, this post means…my lab report is finished!!*

I shall now be back on WordPress, blogging and reading my lovely bloggy friends’ blogs! I’m sorry to everyone who’s blog I haven’t been paying attention to lately, but sadly I’ve had to give up on catching up and have decided to start from now (and try to keep up!)

So stay tuned to lots of elephant posts and comments coming soon!! ๐Ÿ™‚

*Even if it is a load of old codswallop!


Elephant of the Week

I’m trying to get back on track with my blogging, and what better way than with an Elephant of the week?

Elephant of the week TS

This Elephant of the week was sent to me by Celena at My Unexcused Life!! It’s such a cutie! I really really really want to go and look after some elephants!! (In case you didn’t know!)

Thanks for sending me this lovely elephant Celena! And remember, if anyone has any elephant pictures they want me to use as Elephant of the week, that would be great!! Email me them at: anxiouselephant@hotmail.com


P.S. I am still feeling goooood! ๐Ÿ˜€

Elephant of the week – sorry it’s late!

This week I’ve got a slightly different elephant of the week… It actually comes from an online game, and there is not just one elephant but many:

sushi cat elephants

These elephants come from a game called Sushi Cat. I like this game because somehow it usually cheers me up (There is something cheerful about fat cartoon cats!) and when I got to level 7 (pictured above) I was SO EXCITED – elephants of course!!

If anyone is bored, procrastinating or wants a game to play, I would recommend Sushi Cat, so fun and so addictive!!

Sorry this week’s elephant of the week is late, I’ve been busy, and also this is a bit of a rubbish post, but hey ho – at least it’s a post!! Also, I got distracted by Sushi Cat while writing this… Oops!

Here are the links for Sushi Cat:

Sushi Cat 1

Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat – The Great Purrade (The one with the elephants on level 7!!! :D)

And there are probably more… I’m going to check. Goodbye productivity, hello Sushi Cat!! ๐Ÿ˜€



Elephant of the week

I’ve been trying to think what to use for this week’s elephant of the week. It will be hard to follow Sailor‘s elephant from last week!!

I was thinking and thinking, and I couldn’t decide on one… I was almost giving up on the idea, when inspiration struck!

I have a calendar and lip gloss with this week’s elephant of the week on, so without further ado, here is this week’s elephant of the week! I hope you like her and follow her advice! ๐Ÿ˜‰

the elephant of joy

Elephant of the week!

This week I have a very lovely, beautiful and special elephant of the week. Here it is:

Sailor's elephant



This elephant was painted by Sailor from Hello Sailor, if you haven’t read her blog, check it out because she is AWESOME. (That was quite American, but I felt it was necessary here.)

Also if anyone else has an elephant for me to use for elephant of the week, please feel free to email it to me at anxiouselephant@hotmail.com ย  ๐Ÿ˜€


Much love โ™ฅ

Happy elephant

Elephant of the week

I haven’t been very good with updating my elephant of the week, however, today I have a special reason to do so…

Happy elephant



This very happy looking elephant was chosen by Maxi from me and anxietyย so I have decided to make this picture, elephant of the week in her honour! Thanks for the lovely elephant picture!