Cookie Dough Mug Cake!!

Last night I decided I was going to do a bit of baking today. Ok so it’s not proper baking, but still!

I saw a website which had recipes for MUG CAKES. These cakes are made in a mug and can be cooked in the microwave – how cool is that?!

Here is the website.

There are 7 different types there, but I decided to try the cookie dough mug cake today!

The recipe is:

Combine 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, 4 tablespoons of self raising flour, 1 tablespoon of butter (or margarine) and 4 tablespoons of chocolate chips in a mug. Mix well and microwave for 2 minutes. Finish with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream.*

And taa daa – there you have a mug cake!

It was my first try, and I don’t actually have table spoons, so I kind of guessed a little bit with the measurements, but it turned out pretty good. – It’s a tiny bit dry – maybe the ice cream would’ve been useful!!

But anyway, I took pictures!!!

cookie dough in a mug

The cookie dough in the mug, before cooking!

cookie dough mug cake in the microwave

In the microwave, ready to cook!

cookie dough mug cake cooked

It rose in the microwave!

Cookie dough mug cake eaten

And then I ate some!

So what do you think?? I might try the chocolate mug cake next time, or maybe make adjustments to the cookie one – maybe I used too much flour this time!

*I didn’t add ice cream, some of you may remember that I don’t like vanilla ice cream from another post I wrote 😛

smiley face biscuit

Yummy biscuits!

Hi biscuit

I made the biscuits today! They were very yummy so I thought I’d share some pictures and the link to the recipe 🙂

Here is what I used:

biscuit ingredients

Plain flour, caster sugar, cocoa powder, egg (+ 1 extra egg yolk), butter, baking powder

Then for decorating I used icing sugar mixed with water, chocolate icing in a tube, and the best sprinkles I have ever seen in my life (more on these later in the post!!)

sugar and butter

First I had to mix together the butter and the sugar until it was smooth and creamy. This took quite a lot of work, but got there in the end! The key to this seems to be making sure the butter is soft enough – makes the mixing a whole lot easier!!

flour and cocoa



Then I sieved (or sifted?) the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together. (Plus a tiny bit of salt)

I have to admit that often when cooking I don’t bother with sieving. It’s definitely worth doing though, and I did sieve today! Maybe that’s why my yorkshire puddings sometimes end up a bit lumpy!


creamed butter and sugar

Now here is the butter and sugar after it’s been “creamed.” Also, added the egg as stated in the recipe. Before I started making these biscuits, I read the reviews of the recipe, to check whether it had the characteristics of anxious-elephant-friendly-biscuits. (Yummy!, easy to make and chocolatey!)

Many reviews advised adding an extra egg yolk as well as the original egg, so I chucked that in too!

biscuit mix

So the next step was mixing the two mixes together. You have to add the flour/cocoa mix slowly so that it all mixes together and becomes a “soft dough.” When I did this I was a bit worried because it ended up very soft. I thought it wouldn’t work very well in terms of rolling it out and making it into biscuits…But I continued to follow the instructions, afterall the recipe is titled “Best ever chocolate cutout cookies” so I had faith in it!!

biscuit dough

I split the sticky dough into 2, and wrapped it in cling film. Then I put them in the fridge, as instructed. I thought this was strange, but I’m no biscuit expert so I followed the instructions and waited…

If anyone here is a biscuit making expert, is refrigerating the dough a common part of the process?? 

I had things to do this afternoon, so ended up leaving the dough in the fridge for quite a bit longer than it says on the recipe (2 hours.) I think it was probably in there for about 6 hours in the end, but that hasn’t been a problem as I still have lovely biscuits now!

~ ~ ~ ~ ** Brief (ish) interlude ** ~ ~ ~ ~

rolling pin and dough

 When I finally got round to finishing making the biscuits, I had to get the dough out of the fridge. I was quite surprised…the very soft, squidgey dough I had put in the fridge had become quite hard, sort of like new clay that hasn’t been shaped yet. Then I had the opposite worry to before…was it too hard to work? I persevered…

I put some flour on the counter, the rolling pin, the dough and my hands (pretty much everywhere…) And started rolling. First it was too hard, so I squashed the dough around a bit (don’t worry, I had clean hands!) like you do with clay, and it soon became squidgey enough to roll out.

I bought some cool cookie cutters in different colours, so I got them out and started cutting out the biscuits and putting them on trays. (On baking paper so they didn’t stick.)

cutting out biscuits

cookie dough







I cut out lots of biscuits (filled up 3 trays!) and ate a bit of the dough, because it was yummmy!!

Then popped them in the oven for about 10 minutes, and tad-ahh! Biscuits!!

chocolate iced biscuits

chocolate biscuits








I mixed up some icing and started making patterns with the super-cool-amazing-sprinkles (I’m getting to them, honest) Also, I bought chocolate icing in a tube so I did patterns like a star, flower, smiley face and “hi”.

heart biscuit

decorated biscuit








If you look carefully at the pictures of the decorated biscuits, you may notice that the sprinkles are not only pink and purple, but also elephant shaped!!! If you are a regular reader (or probably if you are not), you will know that I have a minor major obsession with elephants, so imagine my sheer delight when I unwrapped these sprinkles at christmas!

elephant sprinkles

My exact words were “OH MY GOD!”, followed by a disapproving “excuse me?!” from my grandmother. I felt that my reaction was definitely justified…I mean, how cool?! My cousin (Cat) earned major elephant points for this present!! 😀

The sprinkles are called “Eric and Erica sprinkles” and can be purchased in Sainsburys (In case you were wondering.) They are part of a selection of different Eric the elephant products across the store (including sweets and juice boxes.) Needless to say, Sainsburys has earned a lot of elephant respect, and (other than the fact Sainsburys is closest) I like to shop at Sainsburys so I can buy elephant sweets. 😀

And so concludes my baking for today, obviously I have eaten a few of these biscuits already!!

Here is the recipe I used, definitely worth a try, and pretty easy! Also, handy tip, the website allows you to change between cups and grams, and also allows you to alter the number of cookies that you will be making…very handy!!

smiley face biscuit


Today I cooked dinner for my parents and I. (My brother doesn’t like paella so he had something else)

I was quite pleased with the result and so I thought I’d share some pictures and how I made it. I quite enjoy cooking – it is relaxing and I have a feeling of accomplishment now!


paella ingredients


Here are the ingredients I used for the paella:

  • Mushrooms
  • Salmon
  • Olive Oil
  • Paella rice
  • Prawns
  • Chicken stock
  • Chorizo
  • Onion
  • Turmeric
  • Peas (in the freezer so not in the photo :P)

And here is how it turned out… The colours look a bit weird because I used my phone’s camera, but it looked (and tasted) great in real life! 😀



If you want the recipe I used it is here: and as it says, it is easy peasy!

Tomorrow I’m going to make some biscuits, I bought the ingredients today. Quite excited to see how my biscuits will turn out!!