Slow and steady wins the race

Last August I was getting into going running regularly again. Things were so different – It was a year in August since my fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome diagnoses.

I would only run once or twice a week though as it made me tired for days afterwards. Before all of this, I had plans to run a half marathon in 2018, but it was not to be. My doctor actually laughed when I mentioned that I was planning that.

So I stopped running. I have been seeing the Physio who has been giving me different stretch exercises to do and sometimes she does acupuncture on me.

Last week she said we can start working towards me running again. I was so excited! Then she said we are literally starting with 1 minute. At first I laughed because that sounds ridiculous, but she explained how we will build it up, and I am fully on board with that. It will start off with walking, running, walking, and the sections of running will increase while the walking decreases.

I hope to do my first one tomorrow – 4 mins walking, 1 min running, 5 mins walking. I’ve made a page in my bullet journal to record my progress. Fingers crossed it goes well and the 10 minutes can then be increased. I need to remember to take it step by step: as the old saying goes – slow and steady wins the race.

Now I think it’s time for bed!


Ellie xx


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