Happy new year!

I hope everyone has had a happy and peaceful Christmas season, and new year last night.

new years eve is always a difficult time for me, because of the memories it stirs up. This year I spent NYE with S and some friends, and got pretty drunk. I’m trying to replace the bad memories with good ones but I’m  not sure that I’ll ever be a big fan of New Year’s Eve. 

When I look back on 2013, it definitely had it’s ups and downs. By the end things were pretty good, and I hope they continue in this way into 2014. I have the rest of my year abroad in Germany, and then in the summer I’m off to Africa for 3 weeks. Lots of exciting things to come. And then I return to Lancaster for my final year of uni – but that’s not until October. 

So, happy new year to everyone – I hope 2014 brings you all health and happiness! 


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