Ellie Abroad!

(I wrote this post yesterday – Friday, but forgot to publish it!)

I wrote in my last post that I had arrived in Germany, but due to limited internet I haven’t had a chance to read everyone else’s blogs or write anything else. Now I am sitting in my room and I have time to write (and afterwards to read!)

I arrived at the small town where my school is on the train yesterday. Then I met Mrs Sport (the teacher I am living with for a while until I sort somewhere else out) and we went for “kaffee und kuchen” (coffee and cake!) I love this German tradition, but a cake a day would make a fat Ellie!! Then we drove to the house, which is in a tiny village about 20 minutes away from the school. There is one bus a day to the town where my school is, and one to the other nearest town… this is not a place to be if you want to travel (without a car!)

But it is lovely here. Mrs Sport is lovely and so is her son. The countryside is very pretty and there’s real fresh air here (I’m not in London anymore!) 

Today I had my first day at school, and it went really well. The school is quite small and very friendly, and I was surprised at how well behaved the children were! The school is a secondary school which is for age 10 – 16, so they are slightly younger when they go to secondary school than in England, even though they start primary school later! 

I met the teachers who were all friendly too, and went to some lessons to watch and meet some of the classes. I went to 3 english lessons, a music lesson, an R.E. lesson and a double P.E. lesson with different aged classes. Words cannot describe how cute the 10 year olds sound when they are trying to speak english! (Although some of them did look at me like I was an alien!) The town where the school is is very cute – it’s small but it has everything you would need (including a train station and buses – unlike the village I’m in!)

On  Monday I will meet my mentor teacher (she’s on a school trip to London at the moment!) and I’m going into some lessons with another English teacher. So there’s plenty more to look forward to.

I haven’t got used to these early starts yet, but hopefully I will soon! I’m knackered!

Really, the short version of this is: I’m in Germany and things are going well!

I do miss home and everything, and especially S, but I’m trying to keep busy and speak lots of German. 


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