So I’m home, back in London.

Saying goodbye was strange and sad. I’ve met some great people in Lancaster (and some not so great ones, but they don’t matter). I will probably go back to visit around this time next year but it still feels odd – I could potentially never see most of them again!

I got home yesterday, and my room looks like a bomb’s hit it (as my mother would say). I haven’t started unpacking yet, that’s probably a job for Monday.

As I’m writing this I’m already back at work. Started at 8 this morning, and I’ll be working tomorrow too, but at least the money is pretty good!

Also, for those who are interested, I did manage to go to the hairdressers, and I now have a fringe! People keep saying I look different but some aren’t sure why… I’ve had a couple of people ask if I’ve dyed my hair – close!

Anyway, back to work! I will be back to reading blogs tomorrow evening 🙂
Lots of love,
Ellie xxx

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