Strange things

Note: Don’t you hate it when you nearly finish writing a post and then somehow it disappears?! Not impressed!!

Some strange things have been going on recently. I have been “waking up” in the middle of the night and seeing spiders. It was really strange and quite scary!! I felt completely awake and could see them.

The first time, I woke up, saw a massive spider on the ceiling, and was half way across the room shouting “there’s a spider!!” much to the confusion of my boyfriend who was asleep at the time. Indignant that the spider existed, I switched the light on to show where it was, and low and behold…. no spider.

Another time, I saw loads and loads of small spiders crawling up the wall towards me. Little black spiders crawling everywhere and coming out of nowhere. I was awake but as this had already happened a few times at this point, I managed to tell myself they weren’t there, and properly woke up. Sure enough, on closer inspection there was precisely zero spiders on the wall.

With a combination of the spiders thing, the crawling sensation (which I’ve written about before) and hearing buzzing (like wasps) when there is none*, I started to worry… What is going on? Am I going crazy?!

I decided to mention it at my CBT session on Monday because I was worrying about it. I explained the spiders to A and she said it isn’t (that) unusual and they are called hypnagogic hallucincations. They occur on the boundary between sleep and wake and they are nothing to worry about (phew!) The crawling sensation which I wrote about before is due to anxiety (according to the GP and A) and the wasp noises are probably anxiety too. Who knew so many bugs could be a figment of my imagination!**

On the NHS website it says:

It is relatively common for people to have hallucinations just as they’re falling asleep (hypnagogic), or as they start to wake from sleep (hypnopompic).

You may hallucinate sounds or see things that don’t exist, such as moving objects or even a formed image such as a person (people may think they’ve seen a ghost).

The last couple of nights I haven’t seen any spiders, so fingers crossed they are gone! I know they are not real but it was scary when I thought they were!

*I am absolutely terrified of wasps.

**I nearly typed “bee” here instead of “be” – I have insects on the brain!


9 thoughts on “Strange things

  1. Bourbon says:

    I hallucinate spiders upon waking quite a lot. I still don’t know if the last one was real or not. They seem so real don’t they! IT was just crawling down the wall right next to my bed and went behind the bed. It could still be there!!! Its so scary isn’t it lolm xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Yes that’s exactly what they were like!! The only reason I’m pretty sure mine didn’t exist is because my boyfriend couldn’t see them! Hope you don’t see any more spiders in the near future!! Hugs xx

  2. Grace says:

    It’s not spiders for me.. and maybe it’s not even the same symptom but I always feel like I’m falling down some stairs whenever I’m falling asleep… anyway, this was very educative to read about and gave me an idea for my thesis (seriously)… xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      That is strange, I think it might be a similar thing though, when I was reading about it, it said some people get the feeling of falling, or hear stuff, or see stuff. Oo that’s interesting! Well I hope it was helpful then 😛 xx

  3. behindthemaskofabuse says:

    this is interesting to learn, as i had the spider thing as a kid all the time, feeling like they were crawling all over me, tons of baby spider…I also had/have a terrible fear of them still. It was worse when I was a kid though.

    • anxiouselephant says:

      That sounds really scary!! Apparently it’s more common in children! Completely understand your fear of spiders, they really creep me out, even though I know that any spiders here can’t hurt me! xx

      • behindthemaskofabuse says:

        Yes, my whole childhood was like that, feeling like they’re crawling all over me, almost paranoid. As and adult I have the fear of spiders but I don’t get that feeling anymore.

  4. Jasmine says:

    I had this for so long before understanding what it was, and more importantly that it is fairly normal and commonplace and not another symptom of losing my mind. Once you know what’s happening, it becomes a lot less real I find. After the nightmare/paralysis I wrote of last night I had quite vivid hallucinations for a few seconds after I came to, but I knew exactly what they were and just let them pass. Hope you don’t see any more spiders though! And if you do, that you’re able to tell yourself they’re not real 🙂

    • anxiouselephant says:

      I think you’re right, after I found out what they were and wrote this post, it hasn’t happened since! (touch wood!) Glad you are aware of what they are, it makes it less scary when you can rationalise it! xx

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