Work Experience rant

My housemate just received a letter confirming that she has been accepted to do some work experience over the summer. I’m happy for her – of course! She wants to go into law and obviously work experience is very important in that field. And the other day, my other housemate found out that he’s got an internship in the summer in the field he’s interested in, again I’m really happy for him. But… (of course there’s a but)

It reminded me of my frustration. I haven’t managed to get anything for the summer. I want to work in mental health, but can’t get work experience. I’ve contactless countless mental health charities, hospitals, everywhere I could think of, but the sad truth of it seems to be, that summer placements don’t exist within mental health. But without work experience I can’t get a job in mental health or do the next qualifications… It’s like a never ending loop.

Can’t get relevant work experience because I don’t have work experience, can’t get work experience because it doesn’t appear to exist… 

I’m coming to the disappointing conclusion that I’m probably not going to have much to do this summer. I really wanted to do some work experience, or at least get a job so I could earn some money, but can’t find anything.

You’d have thought living in the capital city of England I would be able to find something! But nope, apparently summer student jobs (particularly related to mental health) are not in London this summer.

And breathe…Rant over.

13 thoughts on “Work Experience rant

      • Natalya says:

        Ah, well if you maybe ask what they have open for the volunteers currently that might work. Sometimes there are positions for volunteers but they’re already filled. A children’s hospital close to where I live has lots of positions for volunteers but they’re often filled because lots of people love to volunteer there. Could be the case where you are…although mental hospitals and psych wards aren’t usually as popular where I live! LOL

      • Bourbon says:

        When I did some work experience with MIND I remember having to literally chase them for SO long just to get it set up. Keep hounding them. Ultimately you are giving your time for free and lets face it, charities need that extra help! xx

      • Bourbon says:

        I contacted the local mind. In the end they didn’t actually have much I could help out with but it is only a TINY MIND here and unfortunately I was just unable to travel anywhere else cause of my mental health so I had to make do. xx

  1. behindthemaskofabuse says:

    We so know that frustration! Hubby is a rookie helicopter Pilot and he needs experience to get a flying job, and a flying job to get experience…he hasn’t been able to get either and has been trying for 3 years 😦 it’s so hard. I hope you are able to find something. xo

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