Daily Promot: Is the glass half full or empty?

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

For me I would say it varies. When I feel low, of course it seems half empty, when I’m feeling good maybe I’ll take a more optimistic view.

I think it depends what the topic is as well. If I am talking about myself, I am more likely to take a negative perspective whereas if it is about anyone else I will always try to find a way to spin it into a positive. That’s just what I do, I like to support people and help them look on the bright side but it’s hypocritical, because I never see my own mistakes/problems in a positive light.

But as I read the title of today’s Daily Prompt, I was reminded of something someone once said, or maybe I read it… Either way, it’s quite a nice way to look at it I think.

The glass is always technically full, even if it’s empty it has air in it so it is actually full (of air). This explanation could just be someone being pedantic which could be quite irritating, or it could be used as more of a metaphor (like the original “is the glass full or empty” scenario.) Maybe we should remember that no matter how bad things look, or how much we feel like the glass is half empty, there is always something good, even if it’s hard to see (like  air).

What do you think?

Feeling all philosophical now! Have a good Sunday everyone 🙂

13 thoughts on “Daily Promot: Is the glass half full or empty?

  1. drh.ASetyL'85 says:

    Is the glass half full or empty ?., if I’m close my eyes it’s feel just the same and then I like the glass half full because i can do drink or i refile again a half or full glass (may it’s really)

  2. prettyinpink38 says:

    on this topic i can both definately relate and understand it…
    i to have and had a problem with pepping other peers up while talking negatively and down upon myself, never understood why i actually did that especially when so many others always had very nice things to say about me but i would just blow them off like their remarks didnt matter, when a friend in need would come to me or if i knew someone was in need of some advice i would jump at the chance to help that person and hope they would hear me out but then when the roles are reversed and im the one who was falling and my friend would try to tell me what i needed to do i would simply ignore him/her….why the hell would i do that???….i have no idea especially when i know now that at the time it made perfect sense but i was to stubborn to listen….what did they know i thought to myself..,well it turns out….they knew a hell of alot more than i did, and now i wish i had listen to them many times….

    but also getting back to the point of being so damn negative about myself i guess i always expected it was because i was always around negative people who always never talked about anything good so i guess i became a debbie downer at times…..i can credit a couple of negative people in my life for pisdobly making me feel like nothing was ever gonna go right in my life for me but i can say now that their way wrong, why i listened to them i have no idea what the hell do they know?….i am me…..and i choose to be positive and think positive cause i do believe that when you always think negatively your not really gonna get anywhere if you keep thinkin that way but if you choose to think and be positive your whole outlook on life is alot more meaningful and alil bit more delightful!
    thats what i think anyway 🙂

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