I’m so scared of so many things.

I realised that S is the only one who makes me feel safe. When I am scared I just want him to hold me and I know it will be ok. But he’s in London and I’m in Lancaster so for now I just have to be ok by myself.

As time goes on and I start to come to terms with things that have happened, I am realising how fragile I am. I don’t feel safe. I notice I am always on guard, always on edge. Everytime I see a car like his*, I panic. Even though I’m in Lancaster and he isn’t. Even though I know he’s not here. Even though he probably doesn’t even know or care where I am or what I’m doing. I’m so scared that he’s going to come back and hurt me.

I’m going to bed to hide and hope that he won’t haunt me tonight in my dreams. Sometimes I dream of being with S, and wake up feeling safe. Sometimes I dream of being with the ex, and wake up scared. I wonder if that’s what I was dreaming of when I screamed in the night.

Good night,

Love from Ellie xxx

*the ex

6 thoughts on “Scared

  1. Bourbon says:

    It is very likely that is what you were dreaming of when you screamed that night 😦 I hope you get some peaceful rest and some nice dreams tonight xx

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