Ele friends

Some people might know TheElephant InTheRoom on facebook, but I thought it might be of interest to people to know that a website has now been launched called Ele Friends, which is an online community where people can support each other with mental illness/who are struggling. 

Of course the fact that it is an elephant makes me think it is a great idea automatically, but it seems like a really good idea to have a place where people can speak their mind and be supported. 

There are 3 buttons as responses to posts: A thumbs up – I like this, A heart – Thinking of you and An ear – I hear you. I think these are a great idea too! And of course you can comment too! It’s kind of like facebook, but a bit friendlier!

I think it’s a really good idea!  So why not pop over to Elefriends and give it a try? What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Ele friends

  1. akakittyp says:

    Hi Ellie, I’ve just been praising Elefriends too, it has certainly done something for me in the few days I have been on it. It’s been really positive to see others treating each other with warmth, respect and care. I think that somehow amidst all the hopelessness I must have forgotten there are good people in the world. xxx

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