All motivation has abandoned ship

I woke up this morning feeling ill – I felt sick, had a headache and was aching all over. That combined with a bad night’s sleep made my decision for me – I would not be attending my 9am Statistics lecture today!

It is now 10 to 1(pm) and I am still at home, in my dressing gown. I was meant to meet my German class at 12 to practice speaking – I cancelled.

I have a seminar at 2, which I can’t really miss. So I’m aiming to make that one.

I have an exam tomorrow, and haven’t done any work for it at all. It’s not even one that you can bullshit your way through – it’s a German translation exam. Either you know it or you don’t. The weirdest thing is that I don’t care (yet). I just don’t have the motivation to do anything at all. I don’t want to do any work. I don’t want to do anything. Just hide in my bed all day.

I don’t have time to be ill at the moment!! And this cold is definitely not helping my motivation levels!

Right now I really just want some time off to relax and do absolutely nothing. But this is week 4 (of 10) so I’m not even half way through the term yet.

Where has yesterday’s sun gone? (It didn’t last long did it?) 😦


5 thoughts on “All motivation has abandoned ship

  1. aimeecatherine says:

    sorry your motivation has all gone. The only german I remember is Mein hamster ist gestorben……dont think it will help much…oh and my favourtier line just becuase it sounded funny was uber die brucke!!!! Hang in there, just think nearly halfway. once past halfway the majority is done and you are nearer to finishing. xxxx

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