Writing Room: Daily Prompt

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like? (Daily Post)

This would be really cool!!

My writing room would be quite small and cosy. It would be warm but not too hot, and it would have a big window with a lovely view outside. It would have a big desk with a comfy chair where I could sit, and maybe a bed – I like to write in bed sometimes!

There would be bookshelves with lots of books and different types of paper and notebooks, and lots of pens and pencils too. On my desk my laptop would be there, and the walls would have lots of sticky notes on with all my writing ideas!

The walls would be painted different colours, at least one would be purple!

Oh, and on the floor there would be a lovely fluffy rug 🙂

And that would be my writing room 😀


9 thoughts on “Writing Room: Daily Prompt

  1. scienerf says:

    Sounds lovely…I’m working on my reading room at the moment but it seems to have accidentally become a junk room! One day…one day I will be able to afford a snuggle chair to read in 😉 xx

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