Kind of spooky

Yesterday I wrote A letter to the ex.

Then at 1:30am, after not talking to him or hearing from him for months, suddenly a message pops up on my phone from him.

“Hey, you alright? xx”

As if none of this ever happened. As if we are still part of eachother’s lives. As if I’d want to talk to him.

I didn’t reply. Just deleted it.

How strange is that?


14 thoughts on “Kind of spooky

    • anxiouselephant says:

      The problem with getting a new number would be that then everyone would have the wrong number. and I do quite a lot of volunteering etc where people would have my number and I’d need to find everyone who needed my new number! Thanks for your concern, if he contacts me again I am going to ring up the service provider and get his number blocked!! xxx

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