I live in a bubble

It would appear that Lancaster is a bubble.

A little bubble, in the NORTH of England, where it NEVER SNOWS!

Well it snows, but it doesn’t settle.

They had snow at home (London), enough to give my brother a day and a half off school! And what do we get here? Nothing.

It’s snowing now as I’m writing this, but it won’t settle.

It’s really odd that since I’ve been here, it’s never snowed properly. I came to the North of England expecting lots of snow!! What happened?!

Also, particularly strangely, my friend lives 40 minutes from here and last week her mum phoned* and said she had built 3 snowmen AND been sledging… whilst here in Lancaster, we didn’t have enough to make a snowball!

Just realised how English this post is – talking about the weather! (Got to love stereotypes!)

*phoned her, not me, obviously

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