Tomorrow is the day

I await tomorrow morning in anticipation. 

Am I scared? Yes. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes.

Tomorrow morning, at 9am I am having my first CBT session. I am probably hoping for too much. I should try not to build it up like this, but after all this waiting, I’m hoping so much that it will work. 

I have done my “homework” and kept a mood diary, almost every day. I tried to rate my mood, but that’s always hard. I made a timeline of my life too. She said it’s to look at how I got to where I am today. Looking at it, I still don’t really get why I feel this way. Sure, not everything has gone right for me, but I’m sure people deal with worse and they’re fine.

I’m hoping it doesn’t snow tonight. I’ve got to walk up hills in the morning, which won’t be fun if it’s icy! But don’t worry folks – it appears that Lancaster doesn’t get snow! (Not when I’m here anyway!)

I really want to get back into proper writing soon. Like stories and poems and stuff. Instead of just writing down updates of my life. I guess they are boring to read.


16 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the day

  1. Bourbon says:

    Boring?? Blasphemy! Your updates are never boring. I love life updates.. helps me to feel close to people here. Good luck tomorrow. Monday at 9am? ouch! xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      It went pretty well thanks – will be writing about it tomorrow (haven’t had the time yet!) She seems really nice and like she wants to understand everything and help me, so hopefully that’s a good sign! Hope you are well 🙂 xx

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