Fat rant

Fat fat fat.

Most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore.

Don’t have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe.

None of my jeans/trousers fit.

Guess it’s leggings for a while.

I have always been thin/normal and now I’m fat.


I hate myself.

As soon as I get back to uni it’s down to the gym, and a diet.

Disgusting, ugly pig.

13 thoughts on “Fat rant

  1. abrokenlittlebird says:

    Hey Ellie,

    You are NOT a disgusting ugly pig, definitely not. Despite the fact you’re neither of the two adjectives, if you were going to be any animal, if would be an elephant because they’re awesome. 😛 Sending hugs to you, sorry you’re feeling so down 😦 xx

  2. behindthemaskofabuse says:

    Sweetie please lay down the torch of your abuser! You are not a disgusting ugly pig! Try counter acting those lies with some positives that could be believable to you. You are really hard on yourself. lotsa love xo

  3. aimeecatherine says:

    I understand how you feel, really I do. I got up today and my favourite dress won’t zip up, the answer. Small steps, try to be healthy and don’t punish yourself. Health is a healthy weight. Be safe, and I’m always here xxxx

    • aimeecatherine says:

      That added to the wrong post. For this one I want to say enjoy Lancaster, I know the city well. Sit in memorial park with a book and find some calmness in the space. With the relationship may be you are right, maybe you do need to away from it to look after yourself but know this. You are not alone, one post on here and many people will be thinking of you. Caring and here to help however you need. Trust your instincts xxxxx

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