Another little update

I am home from uni this weekend. This means a weekend away from uni, and getting to see the boyfriend. Also, we are going to a wedding tomorrow!

Today was results of the JCR elections, and I didn’t win. I’m disappointed (my mind says I’ve failed) but at the same time I’m relieved. I realised I’ve taken on a lot and being on the JCR would probably have been a step too far! I’m trying to argue the logical point (now I have more time for my other commitments, and it was probably taking on too much) rather than the point my brain keeps coming back to (I didn’t get it, so I failed.)

Yesterday I went back to the doctors, crying again. She doesn’t know how to help, I don’t know what to do. I’m fed up. She wants me to give this medication (mirtazapine) another 2 weeks, so I’ll humour her. I’m not convinced to be honest, it has already been given 5 weeks, with no difference other than putting on some weight, which has not pleased me.

Overall I am a very fed up elephant, but I’m hoping this weekend at home will give me a little break.

I’m not really in the right mood or frame of mind for writing anything of any interest for this blog at the moment, and I haven’t been for quite a while. I still have a post that I really want to get done but can’t seem to find the right words. Just thought I’d give you another little update on Ellieland.

(And also, I have discovered the WordPress app for my iPad! This now means I can blog on here which is good because I left my laptop at my uni house this weekend!)


15 thoughts on “Another little update

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Thanks Zoe. I know you’re right, I’m just so critical of myself. I found out today that I only lost by about 10 votes, and came 2nd (not 3rd like I thought.) It was good to have a weekend away, although I really needed a longer time to unwind!! I’m looking forward to the holidays in 2 weeks, as I will have a whole month at home (not that home really helps, there’s just a bit less pressure!) Hugs xx

  1. maddsuspicions says:

    Hi, I understand what you say about going to the doctors not knowing what to do, and the doctor not knowing how to help, have been in that situation several times also. Hope you get through this ok. Best wishes

  2. Jiltaroo says:

    Just try to enjoy the wedding…they’re usually fun. Forget about all the crap. You might come back feeling refreshed. It’s a full on time of year don’t you think? Jen xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      The wedding was beautiful! I’ve never seen such an in-love-couple! 🙂 I am feeling a little better but still very drained, just 2 weeks to get through and then a month off uni! And yes I agree, it’s very full on! xx

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