The day I felt beautiful

There was a day when I felt beautiful. As far as I can remember, this is the only day I have felt beautiful, but that’s still better than no days!

My best friend Artist had won a competition on Facebook to have a makeover and photo-shoot  for her and a friend, and she asked me.

(Now, if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that something like that would result in Ellie’s brain shouting “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” as loudly as possible, and running away from this situation, however this time I decided “I’ll give it a try!” I didn’t want to let Artist down and I thought it was lovely that out of all the people she could’ve asked, she asked me!)

So anyway, we went on the Tube up to central London to go to our photo-shoot day. We had to take a few outfits with us so we could get changed between photos. So we arrived with our bags of clothes, shoes and accessories, and we went in.

I remember as we buzzed the door of the studio, we were both really nervous! (Especially me!)

So we went in, and they asked us what kind of thing we wanted make-up-wise and for the photo-shoot in general, and they started doing our hair and make up.

Once they finished the hair and make-up I couldn’t believe how different I looked! I usually look a lot younger than my actual age, but I finally looked (at least) my age! Artist and I were both really pleased with how our hair and make-up turned out! We are both quite small, and both look pretty young usually… it was a bit of a shock really!

So then it was time for the actual photos!! This was the scary bit!

Bare in mind that I am quite shy/nervous at the best of times, throw in depression, anxiety and low self – esteem, and you might be able to imagine how this is not a situation that Ellie likes to put herself in!

So the photographer told us how to pose, and took lots and lots of photos: different poses, different outfits, some with Artist and I, some just of Artist, and some just of me!** The photographer was lovely, and after a few minutes we both got into the swing of things, and having our photos taken was no longer a daunting and terrifying experience, but instead was a fun experience!

But the best was yet to come… After a while, they called us in to see our photos and I was completely AMAZED! As I saw the photos pop up on the screen, I initially didn’t even recognise myself! We spent ages going through all of the photos, and eventually narrowed it down to a few each, which we did pay extortionate amounts of money for!***

So that was the day I felt beautiful. It’s a shame really that the world is so shallow, but that one day of looking so different, and coming out with such lovely pictures really was great for me! It gave me a chance to feel good about myself for once, and definitely increased my confidence!

The point of this post is that I know a lot of women have self – esteem issues, and lack confidence, but I really think a photo-shoot is a great opportunity to see yourself in a different way, and build up your confidence!! In fact, I know a lot of people in general (men included) have these issues, and this could easily work for men too!

I was reminded of this earlier today, as I have currently put one of my photo-shoot photos as my profile picture on Facebook. For Artist and I, it was a great day that holds happy memories for the two of us. It was great to spend the day together, as we had lots of time to chat, and we got to have some photos done together which were my favourite.

I wish I could feel that good about myself everyday but I can’t. But every time I see the photos, I feel like actually – I can look good! It takes a lot of work (and a bit of Photoshop  but it is possible. The pictures represent a really happy, lovely day for me, and despite the price… It was well worth it!!

*I am aware this sounds like some kind of scam… we were wary but did some research before we went!

**Imagine that!! Having the guts to have photos taken of just me… out of choice!

***The photos were very expensive, but considering we hadn’t paid for the actual photoshoot, hair and make up etc, and the fact that the photos were amazing…we dug deep and bought a few! We decided we probably wouldn’t have photos done professionally again for a long time (if ever) so wanted a reminder of this day!


7 thoughts on “The day I felt beautiful

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Hmmm, that’s a good question. Maybe one day! I have always tried to keep this blog anonymous, and having photos of me would obviously make me identifiable, but I guess that wouldn’t be the end of the world… I’ll have a think! xx

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