Confused and baffled*

Everyone always says:

“It’s going to take time”

“It’s not going to happen over night”

“It’s not something that has an instant fix”

(regarding depression, anxiety and whatever other mad things go on in my mind)


It seems to have disappeared…

I’m not saying everything is perfect, but I feel good. Really good.

I feel like I can cope. I can get everything done. I can take on the world!

I don’t understand how this can have happened overnight. At first I thought it was just going to last a day or two, but it’s been about a week now… And I don’t feel like this good mood is going anywhere anytime soon!

The ambitious, happy, active, sociable me appears to be back. I’m not complaining…just confused.

I’ve posted about this before I know, but it seems to be lasting… Is it really possible to wake up one morning and be “cured”?

This makes me think IF it’s a chemical imbalance, a real illness**, then this wouldn’t have happened…

Did I really make this all up?

~ ~ ~ ~

*I like this word 🙂

**Please note I do not mean ALL depression/mental illness etc, I mean MY particular case so please don’t be offended. I know that depression and mental illnesses can have HUGE impacts on people’s lives and I in no way mean to trivialise this, I just mean in my personal case, it seems strange that I have suddenly magically got better!

16 thoughts on “Confused and baffled*

  1. Bourbon says:

    Well, let’s just hope this lasts for a long long time 🙂 I’m sure it’s giving you a break from having to deal with such mental anguish! xx

  2. SimplySimplisticComplexities says:

    I feel the same way! It’s miraculous. I always wondered why people weren’t blood tested first for things like that mental depression manic depression, Things that do need to be balanced for a little while until things get back on track., Or that if you had a problem with your body why they don’t just Give you an Mri and a C.t. scan first. Then hey we do have massage therapy that should be provided on all insurances Which is btw great for your spirit body In just every aspect.. .You just need a doctors approval first if you have Diabetes and heart probs. ect….. But i Believe love can fix everything about. Thank you for sharing.

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Thanks for your reply, glad you are feeling good too!! It is very strange… there is still a lot about mental illness that is unknown, but I also think it’s strange that they don’t do blood tests etc for depression, as lack of serotonin is known to be a cause (or symptom?!) Hopefully as time goes on, research will give more answers! 🙂

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