Keeping up

I can’t keep up.

There’s too much to do. Always too much to do.

Homework. Coursework. Seminar preparation. Write up notes. Reading. Gym. Societies. Planning. Revison. Blog. Sleep. Eating.

And all I want to do is drift into a care free sleep where nothing matters.

I’m getting snowed under already.

How am I going to keep up?

There’s not enough time.

Too much to do.

Stress. Fear. Panic. So I’ll do nothing.

As if that’s going to help.

There’s no fairy to wave a magic wand. These things aren’t going to go away.

I need a break. But there’s no time.

And getting drunk wasn’t the answer.

Hide in the dark.

They’ll still find me.

And it’s getting to late to catch up.

Not enough time. Too much to do.


16 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. jiltaroo says:

    Try to prioritize and bite off smaller chunks. The big picture is often way too overwhelming. Don’t try to be perfect. If there is too much to do, sometimes you just have to lower your standards!!

  2. Mim says:

    I feel the exact same as you right now! I’m on an exchange year at a university in America and feeling very homesick which makes my workload even tougher than it already is 😦 I’ve also made a list though and included small things I could cross off easily to make myself feel like I’m actually accomplishing something and boost my motivation! 🙂 Hope you feel less stressed soon!

  3. zarmeenk says:

    I understand exactly what you’re going through. Time just seems to slip away, lost in the every day work. All we can do really is try to prioritise and hold on without giving up or letting it become bigger than ourselves.

    Especially find moments for yourself to just try and relax and just be. I hope that works out. =)

  4. Bourbon says:

    I remember that state of university overwhelm very well. As Jen said, I used to break it up into teeny tiny manageable chunks and then rate them for their importance and priority. It just felt more controllable when I had it down on paper what I needed to do and when by. You’ll get through xox

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