Positives and negatives

So on Monday morning I had my appointment with the community mental health nurse. It was an assessment to see what they can do to help (and if I need help!)

I was really nervous but the man I spoke to was really nice. He listened to me, and when I came out of the appointment I realised I had been in there for about an hour and a half!! On the letter they sent me, it said it would be about 30 – 45 minutes!

I spoke to him about my strange mood swings (which I wrote about here) and he said something along the lines of they are more extreme than normal, but not extreme enough to be bipolar.

I’m glad he actually listened to me about the mood swings, as I have been brushed off before, but the problem is…if they are abnormal, but not extreme enough to be bipolar (and thus treated as such)….what am I meant to do?!

He is going to speak to a colleague about my situation, and said he will ring me next week to speak to me about the next step, which is almost certainly being on a waiting list for counselling.

In a way I was glad, as it means finally something is going to be done, but on the negative side, it probably will be a while before I get any help! (He said it might be February/March before I see someone! :/)

Another negative this week (unrelated) is that I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish… I have a yucky cold, have had herds of migraines, am aching all over, and generally am feeling sorry for myself!

On the positive side… I’m having a girly film night with a couple of friends tonight, and I might excuse myself early and get an early night (hopefully this will help!)

Other news is that I’ve now got to start planning my year in Germany!! (eeeek!!) It’s really scary! I will (probably) be working in a school as an English Language Assistant, and possibly enroll in a university/do an evening class or something while I’m out there too. I’m not sure if this is positive or negative…I’m excited in a way, but realllly nervous…not sure which is bigger at the moment! (Probably the fear actually)

Also, you may have noticed I’ve been posting sporadically recently… I have been very busy so haven’t been able to post regularly, but then sometimes I get the urge to write lots and end up posting several times on one day! Hoping to settle down into more of a routine (in general life) and make time for blogging, but with moods all over the place sometimes I don’t feel like blogging (although I have been pretty much been keeping up with reading blogs!)

How’s everyone’s week going? Positives and negatives? (I hope there’s more positives!!!)


19 thoughts on “Positives and negatives

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Thanks WeeGee! 🙂 I hope this bug thing is on its way out now! And I’m going to speak to the doctor about the migraines as it might be something to do with my medication (I’m going to ask her to change it, again) And eeeekk, there will be more germany updates soon! xx

  1. aallegoric says:

    Do you already know where you’re going to be in Germany? *just curious* But sounds good to me 😉
    Glad you could see that man… I hope that, if they put you on a waiting list, they can help you sooner than March / February 😦 Keeping fingers crossed for you xx

      • aallegoric says:

        Well, Köln is really awesome 😉 Guess where I live (well, I don’t live in Köln but in Bonn which is very very close 😉 but psst, that’s a secret 😉 and of course, Bonn is way cooler than Köln 😛 (there is this rivalry between the two cities… people claim that Bonn has never recovered from being no longer the capital – and of course, Köln is much bigger than Bonn…) So I guess I recommend Bonn 😛
        Nah, but seriously, Köln sounds good to me; you should go to a big city to have many options. Having said that there are just four really big cities in Germany: Berlin (which is also beautiful), München (f*cking expensive but also beautiful), Hamburg (never been there) and Köln (which is just awesome); and they actually have an English Shop with English groceries there – which is -unfortunately- a rarity in Germany…(ecxept for the other three cities maybe).. sorry I’m rambling! xx

      • anxiouselephant says:

        Thanks for your advice Juliet! 🙂 How long have you lived in Germany? I have to apply to a region, so I’m thinking probably Nordrhein-Westfalen, which contains both Koeln and Bonn (I think??) Will keep you updated on my adventure!! xx

      • aallegoric says:

        All my life 😉 Nah I’ve been living in Nordrhein-Westfalen since 2,5 years now, before that I lived in Rheinland-Pfalz. In any case, NRW is awesome, it’s also the most densely populated part of Germany (I think)… so it is a good choice 😉 xx

      • aallegoric says:

        Ja, ich bin leider Deutsche ….and I hate it! But thank you -Compliments on my English always make me blush 🙂 Curious about where you’ll finally be. xx

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