New (uni) year’s resolutions

So it’s a new year of university, and I want things to be different this year. I’m going to make a list of “new years resolutions”, and then at Christmas, I’ll do a post reviewing how well I’ve stuck to them*! Here goes… (wish me luck!)

  1. Do some exercise at least 3 times a week (preferably more – of course!)
  2. Eat more healthy food
  3. Keep my room tidy
  4. Do my work the day I get it**
  5. Finish my coursework before the day of the deadlines
  6. Join more societies***
  7. Go to the library more (to do some work!)
  8. Try to maintain 100% attendance (or as close as possible!)
  9. Do some volunteering/work experience that will help me become a psychologist (if possible)
  10. Get organised/sort my life out****
  11. Realise when I need help and ask for it (basically be kinder to myself!)

So there we have it, 11 things to try and stick to…let’s see how long they last!

*I’ve realised that I am not sticking to these things already, and it’s the first week…fail! Will start again from the weekend…honest! 0:)

**Small pieces of work, not essays etc, they take ages!!

***Ok so I’ve already done this one (yay me!) but this was meant to go on the list – was planning to post it before uni started, but life got in the way! I’ve joined psychology, german, languages and writers societies 🙂

****This will never happen, but worth a shot…I’m the most disorganised person in the world!


9 thoughts on “New (uni) year’s resolutions

      • buckwheatsrisk says:

        lol for what it’s worth try setting one thing on your list as a goal rather than all of them. As you meet that goal move on to the next…that way it’s not so overwhelming and you’re not setting yourself up for let down.
        Baby steps are much easier than giant leaps! xo

  1. aallegoric says:

    I’m now in my 5th term – those lists never worked for me and I still made it 😉 Don’t stress yourself. Grades are important, etc but being a student is also about having some fun 😉 xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      That’s true 😛 I always find it takes away some stress if I make lists, so I’m thinking lots of lists are going to be written this year (although I’m not sure that they actually help!) xx

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