When a small thing makes you smile :)

I woke up this morning, not as early as yesterday, and was getting ready for uni. No one else in my house seems to have many contact hours, so none of them seem to have to get up early like me, so the house was strangely quiet and I was not feeling up for my 3 hour lab in the slightest!

After eating pizza for breakfast (leftover from our Dominos order!) I managed to get myself out of the door and on my way to the bus stop. The streets were quiet too – I live in a residential area, and no one was about except me and the odd car driving by. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, and as I walked along looking at the ground (as I usually do) I noticed something…

The pavement and roads were glistening in the sun. It looks like they are covered in glitter! They aren’t of course, but I’d never noticed this before, and this also made me notice the (somewhat unusual) appearance of the sun in Lancaster! Wandering along looking at the glittery roads made me smile, and wonder how many other people have noticed it.

People say don’t look at the ground when you’re walking, but in this case I got to see the glittery roads that other people wouldn’t see unless they looked carefully. I guess it reminded me that even in the most simple of things, there are things to cheer me up, there are those little things that brighten your day – so I thought I’d share this with you! What brightens your day??

I hope everyone’s having a good and glittery day!


9 thoughts on “When a small thing makes you smile :)

  1. Bourbon says:

    The sun was shining today here too… The clouds in the sky were making brilliant patterns! We must stop and appreciate nature every now and again – so much gets lost when we put our life blinkers on. Love to you, Ellie xox

  2. Jasmine says:

    I love stumbling across moments like that – and somehow the fact that everyone else misses it makes it all the more special (if a little sad that everyone else is walking around with their eyes closed to the beauty around them)

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