13 hours on campus!!

It was Monday morning, 7:15am when my alarm went off. ‘Great – first day of term. I’m knackered already,’ I thought. I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower, after a terrible night of tossing and turning and waking nearly every hour. This was not the start I was hoping for.

8:15 and I left the house. No time for breakfast but no matter, as long as I catch that bus! I walked down to the bus stop and was greeted by a throng of students crowding to get on busses. Waited for the next bus and grabbed myself a seat. I sat for the 15 minute bus journey pondering and wandering around my thoughts in my head. Overhearing conversations, music and laughs. Then we were there.

9am was approaching fast and I had arrived at my seminar. Coming round the corner I was nervous, but the nerves disappeared as I saw my classmates and we started to discuss the summer (which now seems long ago.) D (the teacher) arrived and the first seminar of the year began. ‘My German is a little rusty’, I thought to myself as I tried to concentrate on D’s words. Everyone else seemed to have the same problem though, so we’re all in this together. Two hours went by and then it was a rush to get to my statistics lecture on time – made it.

By 6pm I had attended a 2 hour German seminar, a 1 hour statistics lecture, a 1 hour psychology lecture and a 1 hour statistics seminar, as well as an exec meeting and a meeting about one of my freshers. Busy busy.

Then time to visit the freshers. It was lovely. They had cooked us a lovely dinner (or tea as they say up here!) to say thank you for being fresher reps. It really meant a lot that they went to all this trouble for us! T and M had made chicken korma curry from scratch, X made pizzas, Mi made some chinese dishes and E made some potato salad. And we all sat round the table, with not enough space, and chairs brought in from various places and we ate together, chatted together and laughed together. It’s strange to think last night I was feeling so low, and today I felt good – at least for a while – I enjoyed myself, which is a rarity to be honest.

It got to about 10:30pm and we decided it was time to leave, we got on a bus and quickly made the 5 minute walk from the bus stop to our house – it was cold! And there you have it – my first day of second year, and the day I spent (over) 13 hours on campus!!

How was your day? I think most universities are back by now, hope everyone is enjoying their new year! And for everyone (students and non-students alike,) I hope today was the start of a good week! 🙂

– I don’t feel great now. But today had good parts, and that’s a start – right? (Trying to be positive here!!)

10 thoughts on “13 hours on campus!!

  1. truthsparked says:

    Ellie! So glad your first day went well. I’m going to take a “page out of your book (blog really, haha) and write about mine yesterday. Which was Columbus Day over here, so no school for the kids. Hope you have a great one today, too!

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