You can stand under my umbrella

ella ella eh eh

Today I was on my way home from campus, feeling pretty crappy, listening to my ipod with the raining pouring down on me!
There was a girl with a red umbrella walking just ahead of me, who I didn’t know. Suddenly she turned round, and offered for me to come under her umbrella with her, as the rain was getting harder!

I was very shocked! We chatted a bit and it turned out that she is from Hong Kong and is doing a semester abroad at University of Cumbria, so is currently living in Lancaster. My mood was slightly lifted by this kind and thoughtful gesture from a complete stranger.

Maybe it was a sign, to remind me that no matter how hard and rubbish things seem, there is still good in the world.

And as Buckwheatsrisk would say, There is hope!! πŸ™‚


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