Down it Fresher!!

You may notice I probably won’t be around as much this week – posting and reading (but don’t worry I will catch up!!)

This is because it is now Freshers Week at uni. This year I am a freshers rep, meaning I have a group of freshers to look after for the week. Today was the first day, and I’m glad to report that all 5 of my freshers seem nice, even if one of them did disappear to find her Greek friends and not socialise with the rest of her flat… Hopefully she will socialise more tomorrow!

We showed them round campus and got to know them a bit today, and then had a toga party in the evening. We played ring of fire (most common drinking game that we played last year, with the usual “DOWN IT FRESHER” line used at every possible occasion!) and some of my friends (who are also freps*) brought their flats round to meet our flat, so that was all lovely! Then we went up to the bar and met more people, signed togas, drank, danced, chatted etc so seems like they had a pretty good first night.

I got home tonight,tired and a bit wound up after having to listen to drama about my housemate and friend (they used to be together but split up but may be getting back together…I think this is where the “it’s complicated” status on Facebook comes in!!) and I checked my phone. I had a text, and I was so happy when  I read what it said! It was from one of my freshers, and it said:

Hi _________, Hi __________ – just a text so you know my number. Thanks for showing us the ropes a bit tonight – think everyone’s really pleased to have you guys as our freshers reps! See you tomorrow evening – T 🙂

How cute is that?! I’m so glad that they had a good night, as it make such an impression on the rest of the week and the year!

Anyway, I’m a tired elephant now, so time to count some sheep and get some sleep!!

*I love this abbreviation for freshers reps!


12 thoughts on “Down it Fresher!!

  1. aallegoric says:

    I’m just wondering if this is a mentality thing…? Even though there are meetings like that for freshers in Germany as well … generally everyone is like “Oh, those naive/stupid first years” 😛
    But I’m glad you have such a good time xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      I think everyone who isn’t a fresher is secretly jealous of the freshers (1st year is the fun year!) and also change a lot through first year, so the new freshers seem more immature in comparison. It was the same with school years I guess! xx

  2. overthinkingmind says:

    Aww that’s such a lovely text!
    I’m glad you’re having a good time, I myself have spent the day throwing up after last night where I was shouted at to ‘down it fresher’ out of a huge blender haha!

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