Rant – beware!!

I’m so disorganised.


There’s so much stuff to do, and I keep forgetting things.

I still haven’t written about that stupid psychiatrists appointment and it was (nearly) a whole week ago!! ARghh..

There’s been a lot going on this week. My other 3 house mates are now all here, and we had a visit from some of our housemates from last year (we lived in a group of 12 last year)

I embarrassingly still have not fully finished unpacking, although I think everyone else (who arrived yesterday and today) has already finished! What a failure!

I never knew I was such a procrastinator.

This probably isn’t making much sense. I’m just typing. I’m typing all my jumbled thoughts.

I’m absolutely knackered. Been aching all day too. Yuck.

I bet I won’t be able to sleep later on though. Urgh. Typical.

Stop trying to predict the future. Why can’t you just let things happen? Maybe then you’d feel more positive because you wouldn’t be thinking all these bad things are going to happen!

And BLOODY DOCTOR O. WHAT A USELESS MAN!!! At the beginning of the summer holidays I rang the doctors in Lancaster and made a phone appointment with DR O. He rang me as planned at the agreed time, and he agreed to put through a referral to the mental health team in Lancaster. I was glad to get that sorted, and thought – by the time I’m back in Lancaster, it will come through so I’ll get some (much needed) help!! Sadly this was not to be.

I went to the doctor today and asked about the referral. It had indeed been sent off. And a letter had been sent out from the mental health team to me… did I receive this letter? No. No I did not. Why not? (I hear you ask) Because readers, despite me telling Dr O several times, and double and triple checking this, he had put my uni address on the referral and not my home address.

For anyone who is not familiar with the system in the UK, there is an opt-in system, which means if you get referred for mental health stuff, they send you a letter and you have to ring to confirm your attendance. If you do not ring them, you are discharged from them. This means that despite my efforts, I am now back in Lancaster, with no appointment with the local mental health team, and back to the bottom of the waiting list.

Thanks Doctor O, thanks very much! LFHM:GHULGOolaphdphusuphG\AH I am so annoyed about this!!!!!

Anyway enough of this rant, I am so tired I can’t type or read properly, but I bet I won’t be able to sleep.

URGH. Meh.

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully one with less stresses. Yeah right.. the freshers are arriving soon! EEEK!

Good night wordpress, and sorry for the rant, hopefully a more sane Ellie will be back tomorrow.

Oh yeah. AND I’m not doing well with those 30 days things… missed so many days already. MEH will try and catch up when I have time… Time is something I never seem to have enough of. I want a time turner like in Harry Potter (Hermione, HP 3) that would be amazing!


13 thoughts on “Rant – beware!!

  1. jiltaroo says:

    You are way too hard on yourself. I am very disorganised too…that is my nature. Don’t sweat about the little things hon. Unpack in your own time and stop comparing yourself to all those annoyingly organised people!!!

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