Yesterday’s to do list

Yesterday I wrote a long post about recent events, and included a to – do list. Moose commented that he’d be interested to see what I got done, so today I’m doing an update post based on yesterday’s list! (If you haven’t been on The Depressed Moose’s blog, you should definitely check it out – and his 2 books!!)

This is the list I posted yesterday:

Today I’m planning to do a number of things:

1. Go into town to buy some cleaning supplies

2. Unpack (or at least start)

3. Catch up on reading the blogs I follow

4. Do one of the 30 days writing challenges

5. Start cleaning the house

6. Cook something proper for dinner

7. Skype the boyfriend, and possibly parents

8. Write about the appointment with the psychiatrist

In bold is the stuff I got done yesterday

In italics is the stuff I sort of did, or started

In underlined text is stuff I didn’t do yesterday but did today

And in normal text is stuff that hasn’t been done or started yet.

Not too bad really, there’s only one thing I haven’t started yet, and that is the post about the appointment with the psychiatrist, which I will probably write tonight.

The stuff I got done is admittedly the easy/more interesting stuff. I spent several hours yesterday catching up with everyone’s blogs! Went on a walk into town and got a whole herd of cleaning supplies*, wrote some bloggy stuff and skyped my boyfriend, my friend (Sheep) and my parents. Not bad, not too bad at all.

When I say stuff I sort of did or have started, what I mean is I did have dinner, but I’m not sure putting tortellini in boiling water for 1 minute counts as “cooking something proper for dinner,” however today I’m making a stir fry – yum yum! As for the cleaning, I’ve made a start in the kitchen, and was planning to clean the shower but I can’t get the dirt to come off (eww!) so will have to try with a scourer or something!

Then today I finally started unpacking, still got a long way to go but hopefully I’ll finish that this evening. I think I take on too much at once, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m feeling remarkably POSITIVE today, and I don’t even mind that I failed to complete my list yesterday – because *drum roll*… IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Hope everyone else is having a positive day too!!

*I wonder if there is a collective noun for “cleaning supplies”, I shall stick to herd!

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