Steve and Matilda

For those of you who haven’t read my “Who I talk about” page, you are about to discover who (or rather, what) Steve and Matilda are.


Steve the Orchid

I’ll start with Steve.

Steve is an orchid (as you can see in the picture), bought for me by my boyfriend this summer.

Sadly he is down to 3 flowers now, but I’m hoping more will grow if I look after him well!

I was really touched when my boyfriend brought me Steve… I wasn’t feeling very good (emotionally) at the time, and he wanted to cheer me up. I was impressed that he had chosen it because it was purple (my favourite colour) and thought it was really sweet that he thought of me and got it for me. (Even if the conversation went something like:

Me: What’s that?
Him: It’s an orchid…
Me: Yes, but… why?
Him: I thought it might cheer you up.
*AWWWW happy Ellie!*

Steve the orchid in the carI have brought him to uni with me, and once I’ve sorted my room out I think I’ll keep him in here so I can see him. (He cheers me up because he reminds me of my boyfriend.) This picture is Steve in the car on the long journey from London to the Midlands to Lancaster – I am pleased to say, he arrived in one piece!!

So that is Steve – he is very pleased to meet you!! (Sorry – in a bit of a strange/hyper mood tonight for some reason!)

Next to introduce is Matilda. She is not a plant like Steve, but in fact my lovely little car!

I learnt to drive almost as soon as I turned 17. My dad was keen for me to learn, so my parents bought me a little car so I could practice my driving with my dad, and then once I passed my test I wouldn’t need to ask for anymore lifts!Matilda the Matiz

I named her Matilda, as she is a Matiz. And I normally call her Mattie. I’m pleased to say that this name has stuck, and my parents, brother and boyfriend (plus some friends) all refer to her as Mattie/Matilda – as it is her name!!

Unfortunately, I can’t bring Mattie to uni with me, so she sits at home waiting for me to come home!

A lot of people make jokes about my car, however I am very pleased with her. She is perfect for what I need, and as I’m only small (just about 5ft) it only seems right that I have a little car too! (Although I’m not sure that being told Mattie suits me is a compliment…hmm…)

When I learnt to drive, I practiced a lot, and had very frequent lessons. As a result of this, I managed to pass my test just under 3 months after I started to learn to drive. I was quite impressed with myself really – I went from never having driven a car at all, to being able to blast down the motorway by myself in about 3 months! (Ok, so maybe not blast in Matilda, but you know what I mean!)

So now you have met Steve and Matilda! I hope you enjoyed meeting them, and I’m sure they will both be mentioned again in future posts!




11 thoughts on “Steve and Matilda

  1. Bourbon says:

    Orchids are one of my favourite flowers. I had two when I moved into my flat here but I managed to kill them both off. Then my therapist told me how you have to prune them and yeah, I never did that. Whoops! xx

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Hehe, they are so pretty! I want to get another one and name it as well! 😛 And maybe you could get another, and remember to prune it this time! 😛 (I’m no good with plants either, but Steve is doing surprisingly well!) xx

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