30 day writing prompt challenge – 30

Day 30 —Write a short entry that ends with the line, “The silver dust of moonlight settled coldly on the night.”

How bizarre! I’m starting at the end it seems! I’m quite excited for this 30 day challenge as I’m hoping it will give me some inspiration for some creative writing!!

So anyway, here goes – day 1 or day 30, however you want to look at it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a cold evening, the streets were quiet, and there was no one to see   Fiona quietly sliding her window open, dropping a bag out of the window and then lowering herself down as far as possible before jumping down. She dusted herself down and picked up her bag. With a deep breath, she started walking down the street; her footsteps echoing in the emptiness.

As she reached the end of the street, she fondly touched the street name sign, which read “Osbee Road” in faded black lettering. This was the place she had grown up, happily as a child, and now it was the place she was leaving behind. She was going to start a new life, far away from there.

Just round the corner, Fiona could see her get away vehicle. The black Ford Fiesta purred as the driver started the engine. With one more look back at her old home, Fiona took a deep breath and got into the car.

“Hello John,” she said, “So this is really it?” He smiled back at her,

“This is a new start for you. You can get away from here now, you don’t have to worry anymore.” He said. “Now, are you sure you’ve got everything? You won’t be able to go back once we’ve left.”

Fiona looked around her, “I know, I’m ready” she said. It was time. John put the car into gear, and started to pull away. The tires made a crunching noise against the gravelly road, and soon there was nothing but dust floating in the air to suggest their presence. The silver dust of moonlight settled coldly on the night.


2 thoughts on “30 day writing prompt challenge – 30

  1. Bourbon says:

    Beautiful. Sometimes I’d like a John to take me away. But then I don’t think its possible to run away from your mind. Where did the inspiration for the bulk of this story come from? xx

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