Stupid Tax

** Warning – HUGE rant below!! **

So this summer I had a job. Not for long, and I got barely any hours, but still – a job.

I worked at a jewellers. I probably shouldn’t mention the name of the company, but it was Swarovski. I love swarovski products, they are beautiful and we have a collection of the figurines at home. The shop I worked at sold mostly jewellery, and few of the figurines.

I was an “Olympic temp” so I thought I’d be doing lots of hours, because it was predicted to be the busiest summer EVER for retail in London.

How wrong they were…

In my contract, there was a minimum of 5 hours a week. That is nothing… that is n0t going to help me save up to go and look after Elephants!! Sadly, the minimum 5 hours is what I got most weeks.

Having discovered that I would be likely only to get 5 hours a week, I thought well at least I would have about 5 or 6 weeks of work, it would be better than nothing. After 3 weeks they told me it wasn’t busy enough so they would have to end my contract early… 1 week’s notice period, so I got 5 more hours and that was it!

After this I was probably understandably annoyed with the whole situation, especially as I had turned down another interview to take this job.

I then got an email saying “We don’t have your bank details” even though I filled in all of the forms previously, meaning I had given them the details at least twice (possibly 3 times.) So I emailed the details to her…again!

Pay day was 24th August. Guess who didn’t get paid?

A few days later I sent an email asking why I hadn’t been paid, and apparently it was because I “hadn’t provided your pay details in time.” But that I would be paid the following week. Guess who STILL didn’t get paid?

A week later, I sent another email asking why I hadn’t been paid, and it was apparently due to “a backlog in the pay roll” so I would “definitely be paid next week.”

At this point it was getting beyond a joke, but thankfully they did pay me…only 3 weeks late!

Today I received my pay check, and guess who’s been taxed… They had my P45 and NI number, so how on earth did they manage to give me the wrong tax code?!

I’m feeling pretty frustrated now, as I’m going to have to figure out how to claim back my taxed money. I shouldn’t be taxed because I have barely earnt anything this year – didn’t even have a job for most of it!

In conclusion, this summer job turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. Although, at least I (finally) got paid!!

** end of rant **

19 thoughts on “Stupid Tax

  1. My Mental Stream says:

    Companies always get tax codes wrong. Call up HMRC and claim back the tax. Assuming that you have not earned over the threshold (about 6k) with your jobs, or will not be doing so by the end of this financial year (April 2013)

  2. Hellosailor says:

    When I read “stupid tax” I thought is was a tax on stupid people. I have a fantasy of applying a “bastard tax” at work. Its a special fee that gets put on for horrible clients, so they have to pay for the pleasure of being horrible. xox

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