Crawling Bugs

I really hate bugs. They are horrible.

Especially creepy crawly ones… eww!

I also hate wasps, I’m terrified of them. There was a wasp in my car today, so I had to get out. I was about to go and get my dad (dad to the rescue), but decided to try opening the window (with me outside the car), and luckily the wasp flew out – phew!!

Anyway back to the point. I’m slightly quite worried about this…

I often feel like there are bugs crawling on me. Like when I’m in bed before I fall asleep I quite often feel like there is something crawling on me. The thing is I KNOW there isn’t… I’ve looked – no bugs. Also, in case you’re thinking there are bugs due to lack of hygiene… I change my bedclothes often, and shower pretty much everyday! It’s not just when I’m in bed, sometimes I feel “them” throughout the day, but they must be in my imagination… :S I don’t suppose by any chance anyone else has had a similar experience?!

It’s reallly weird and I don’t know what to do! Have I gone crazy? I often feel like there is someone/something there when there isn’t. Like when I’m in my room, I feel as if there’s someone watching me (but I know there isn’t…)

At this point, I’m probably sounding a little bit mental, but sadly there’s more to add. Sometimes I hear talking. It sounds muffled though so I can’t hear it properly, and I can’t tell if it’s real or not. Is it the TV? Is it people talking next door? Or is it in my head? I have no idea.

Obviously I’m very reluctant to mention these things to a doctor, because I don’t want to be diagnosed with something I don’t have if it IS real. But what if it’s not real? What if it is in my head? Any advice, please??


14 thoughts on “Crawling Bugs

  1. Bourbon says:

    I has similar symptoms for ages before mentioning it to a doctor. It took a lot of guts cause I too was worried about how “mental” it made me sound.
    The doc though said they were pseudo-hallucinations caused by anxiety/stress. Pseudo because though they manifest as hallucinations deep down we know the bugs aren’t really there and we know there is no one there even though we may strongly feel there is sometimes.
    I see grey shadows a lot. Spiders. Hear someone saying my name (though that may be an alter very cleverly projecting their voice outside I don’t know) so I can relate.
    It’s always worth telling a doctor though because it is a sign of distress and a sign that you need them to take this seriously.
    Hope that made sense!
    Hugs, Jen xx

      • Bourbon says:

        Um no I guess they didn’t. :/
        I was put on anti psychotics but that was much much later on and mostly was to stop me from self harming. Incidentally the anti psychotics did nothing to help the pseudo hallucinations anyway as they weren’t chemical in nature. WhAt are you worried they will do? Xx

  2. aallegoric says:

    If you can manage these things and are always sure that these things are not real, I wouldn’t mention them to a doctor either. xx

    • aallegoric says:

      Oh I hadn’t seen Bourbon’s comment before. I apologize! I guess my opinion isn’t as qualified as hers but it’s just my two cents. xx

  3. Hellosailor says:

    I get crawling bugs, but I always figured it’s because I work with animals and sometimes (or maybe more often than not) when you find an animal with fleas it makes you feel “crawly”. I get it at night time too. I guess with me, because I’m not scared of bugs and crawly things it doesn’t really bother me. I also always hallucinate green bugs when I hallucinate too. I wonder if maybe it is not a bug thing, it is a thing and it reminds us of bugs because we choose that as the explaination.
    Today I let a wasp land on me in the garden. At the time I thought most people wouldn’t let that happen because it is a wasp. They are fascinating creatures. They will only sting you if you are nasty to them, so just be nice to everything! xox

    • anxiouselephant says:

      Maybe, I guess I’ll just see if it continues.. it’s really weird!! And wow I am terrified of wasps so I could never do that! I don’t mind bees so much because they only sting if they really have to, but wasps sometimes sting for no reason. Also I don’t like the buzzing noise, it freaks me out! Thanks for your reply xx

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