The darkness closes in on me,
I am enveloped and blinded by the fog,
I cannot escape its clutches,
The feelings overwhelm me and I feel trapped,
Trapped again;
Trapped in this life,

My struggles are futile,
My efforts seem to be in vain,
The darkness is stronger than little me,
And it’s eating away at me: a parasite.

It wants me to give in,
To wave a white flag and surrender,
The darkness taunts me:
you’ll never get out”
No one cares about you”
“Your life is pointless, you’re useless!

And it laughs, gleefully celebrating every victory it gains over me,
Whilst I, at every defeat grow weaker and more tired,
Just tell me, I beg, when will it be over?
If I knew maybe I could put up a fight.

I just want to sleep,
For it all to stop and leave me alone,
And the darkness urges me to follow these thoughts:
“Go on… no one will even notice…”

But the memories, the promises,
They come back to me,
Providing just a glimmer of light,
A chance of hope, a reason to go on,
I’ll not let him lose another one,
Darkness will not overpower me.

~ ~ ~

At least not yet.


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