Busy bee… buzz buzz


I’ve been pretty busy this weekend, so haven’t really had much chance to read or write. 

Just thought I’d give you a quick update so you don’t think I’m abandoning you!! I’ve been reading through the blogs I follow tonight, catching up on new posts, but I haven’t got completely up to date yet, will do that tomorrow as I am a very tired elephant tonight.

I saw my friend Dolphin yesterday. I’ve known her since she was born (3 hours after me), so it’s a pretty solid friendship, but unfortunately she doesn’t live very close by so I don’t get to see her much. We had a BBQ with both of our families, as it was HOT HOT HOT. Then we spent the evening watching a film and chatting which was lovely. We were going to go clubbing in central London but (thankfully) Dolphin decided she didn’t want to go. I have been feeling pretty anxious recently, so clubbing in central London is probably a no no… Especially when I am already tired and have plans the next day.

Today I went up to London with my boyfriend and we met one of my uni friends and a couple of his friends. We went to the natural history museum, and were going to go to the animal inside out exhibition, but luckily I persuaded them not to go. This exhibition features an ELEPHANT which has been plastinated!!

“But it’s certainly the enormous cross-section of the 3.5m tall, female small-eared Asian elephant that steals the show. Individual sections of its body have been expanded to reveal the relationships between the bones, muscles and organs.” (quote from website about the elephant)

Ellie certainly didn’t want to go and see one of her friends all cut up and dead!! So we went to the science museum afterwards and *whispers* played in the kids bit… *Ahem* anyway, it was a pretty good day, but by the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED, and so now it’s time for bed for this elephant! My feet are killing, and I was already all achy before we went out! (I seem to ache a lot 😦 It’s like my limbs are made of lead!)

I shall get back to writing and reading properly tomorrow, after a (hopefully) long and lovely sleep.

Sweet dreams everybody!!

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