Writing on the tube

The other day I was sitting on the tube and decided to write and see what came out…Here’s what I came up with, what do you think??


Joe sat down on a worn seat on the tube. The doors closed. “This is a Northern Line service to Morden.”

He had his earphones in, but even with his music turned right up, they could not block out the bumping and rattling of the train as it snaked its way through the tunnels.

He looked around; people watching. Opposite him sat a man with white shoes with brown laces. Opposite and to the right was a man with a stripy tie and a look of stern concentration on his face. Joe speculated that he was playing a game because there was no signal, and besides, no one could be concentrating that hard on a text or email. Further along, a mother sat with her two tired daughters. Joe looked at his watch: 10:12 pm. No wonder the little girls were tired.

The younger girl had a pink flower in her hair and a small rucksack. The flower reminded him of his mother; a wistful sigh made the girls look up. The older girl had a rucksack too, and clutched a green Harrods bag. They must have been shopping: a family day out maybe. The tube flew through the tunnels. He saw Euston, Kings Cross, Angel and Old Street whizz by! ‘Only 5 stops left, until everything changes.’

He shut his eyes for a while, listening to the rattling and whistling of wind mixing with his music to create a hypnotic whir*. Soon, the beeping of the doors interrupted his thoughts. ‘Not long to go now.’ Joe looked up, the family had got off the tube and now there were only a handful of other people sharing the carriage. He trembled in excitement, ‘not long at all’ he reminded himself.

Further along the carriage, beyond where the white shoe man, stripy tie guy and tired children lady sat, there was a blonde woman with bags from Sainsburys. She was reading a newspaper, but he couldn’t read it from where he was, even when straining his eyes to see. The mother got out some biscuits for the tired girls, the younger of which looked like she was about to fall asleep.

“The next station is Elephant and Castle” came the familiar female voice over the intercom. Joe prepared to get up. This was it. His adventure was about to begin.


*I am not sure how to spell this, or whether it is in fact a word. I mean the onomatopoeic sound “whurr.”


5 thoughts on “Writing on the tube

  1. aallegoric says:

    So what is his adventure? Will there be a sequel? Sounds good so far and well done for getting back to writing (and publishing it) – and yes, “whir” is a word 😛 xx

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