Scary stuff

Just thought I’d do a quick update, hopefully I’ll get some inspiration to write something decent later!! (unlikely, but I’ll give it a try!)

I have received a letter from the NHS mental health services about an appointment to see an actual psychiatrist! This is terrifying news. Although I’ve been waiting for ages for this letter, and you would think I would be happy to see it, I am instead, what can only be described as horrified. The “what ifs” are building up, and thinking about it makes me feel all squiggly inside (squiggly? Is that even a word?)

AND I’ve got an assessment with MIND coming up too, which I wrote about last week sometime. This is all very scary!! But at the same time, I know it’s a good thing, because it means I am finally going to get some proper help, and hopefully they will help me find something that works.


(that means something along the lines of scared/excited/worried/nervous etc)

13 thoughts on “Scary stuff

  1. Brandon Bored says:

    I’m very pleased for you and you know that these people are only there to help you. There isn’t really anything to fear; this could be the beginning of your recovery. 🙂

    The worst that can happen is that you try it and realise that it doesn’t work for you. So, you then move on and try something else.

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