New Plan

I’ve decided to make a new plan; with the way things are, I’m clearly not getting any better. Therefore, something has to change. Right now I’m in an idea frame of mind, where I am constantly coming up with lots of new ideas and things I want/need to do. I don’t like feeling like this because my mind feels like it’s in overdrive; my thoughts are flitting from one to the other, so I’m trying to make myself focus on one thing at a time. Times like this I feel like I can’t stay still, I feel like running. Sadly, it’s nearly 10:30pm so I don’t think it would go down too well with the parents if I went for a run now. (Also, I wouldn’t be able to see)

So enough procrastination; back to the new plan!!

  1. Try to write on my blog and/or diary every day
  2. Do some form of exercise every day (even a walk – get out of the house)
  3. Tidy my room – I feel calmer when it is tidy (it rarely is)
  4. Start planning the new term (timetables come out tomorrow) so that I can fit everything in without getting stressed
  5. Try to eat more fruit/veg/healthy food

I can’t think of any more now. This is probably not good but I can’t concentrate because my brain won’t slow down!! Sorry if this post doesn’t make sense I’m feeling very frantic (in case you can’t tell)

Maybe I should have a look at my “Things that calm me down” post!!

Does anyone else have suggestions for taking control of my life?? What kind of things do you do? What helps you, and what doesn’t??


17 thoughts on “New Plan

  1. letterfrombritain says:

    Ever tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Sounds drastic but it’s really just thinking skills. It stopped me worrying for the first time in 40 years…

    • anxiouselephant says:

      I did try it briefly, but either my counsellor wasn’t very good, or it just didn’t help me. I have found I’ve used the methods (like finding evidence for beliefs) to reinforce negative rather than positive things, which is not the idea at all! Thanks for your comment though, I might give it another go.

      • letterfrombritain says:

        I guess it’s all down to the practitioner. Whatever you decide, all the best. Worry is such a difficult thing to cope with effectively.

  2. Bourbon says:

    A tidy environment does wonders for my mind. As does drinking loads of water. Then some. Unfortunately I am a prune and don’t drink much water but being an Ellie hopefully you do 😉 xx

  3. buckwheatsrisk says:

    if it’s night time where you are have you tried melatonin. it is natural and helps you sleep. i have lots of therapy stuff, i could suggest, but i can’t say it always helps especially when i feel frantic

  4. wellcallmecrazy says:

    Great list and great start! Before my feet hit the floor every morning I take one or two minutes to mentally review the things I have to be grateful that way I say “Oh God, THANKS for another morning” with a smile instead of sarcasm. I also end every evening on a happy or soothing note by watching a comedy, reading something uplifting, or listening to soothing sounds. This part of the regimen that is helping me recover from mental illness without psych meds.

  5. miche123 says:

    Hi there, I know this stuff you describe, so well. For me, I meditate for 5-20 minutes as soon as I wake up, it’s the only thing that works. Sometimes, when I’m really really anxious, I can’t actually meditate, but just sit there, thinking, and end up feeling calmer or having a rational plan for the day anyway. You see, I have this voice (I’m sure most people do too), and it tells me negative stuff, and when I’m in a fluster, or nervous, or worse, angry, it makes things worse. Now the voice that is positive, calm, soothing, is activated when I meditate; therefore, when bad stuff is happening it’s ‘there’ calming me, and, more importantly, it’s dominant over the negative one.

    Also, exercise really works for me too. (And a tidy room/house.)

    Hope this helps you, and good luck!

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