Beauty in the small things

Sometimes when I’m feeling rough (as I have been lately), I forget about the beautiful things in life. I’ve decided to try and take more notice, because life is beautiful and the world is a beautiful place (you just have to look closely sometimes!) You may notice a new category: Happy things! I’m feeling pretty good today (compared to normal) so I thought I would start this new category.


Wooden pen


For this post, my example of beauty in small things is the pen I’m writing with (This post was handwritten first because of the laptop issue which I spoke about in “Rubbish Technology.”)

This pen was made by my mum’s friend’s dad. It’s made of wood, and as you can see it has a beautiful (natural) pattern. My parents and my brother all got given a pen too – all slightly different, all hand made.


Wooden pen

I decided to talk about this today because the beauty of this pen makes me want to write. 😀

Wooden pen


I believe in natural beauty. ♥


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