Things I want to do in my life

There are many things I want to do in my life. I’m going to make a list to remind myself what I’d miss out on if I wasn’t here. What’s on your list??

1. Go and volunteer abroad (looking after elephants)

I’m planning to do this in the summer of 2014, if I can save up enough money! (eek!) I want to go to Thailand or Kenya (I think, this may change)

2. Have a beautiful garden

I don’t know why, but I want one. We have a garden here, but it’s boring, and not beautiful. I want a garden like the one in Just Like Heaven (happens to be a lovely film if you haven’t seen it).

3. Become fluent in another language

This is (hopefully) likely to happen. I think I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m doing German as half of my degree (German & Psychology joint honours) so will be spending a year in Germany.

4. Go sky diving (and bungee jumping)

Because, why not? Although I am known for being scared of EVERYTHING, I love stuff like that. The adrenaline rush must be amazing! (Although I may have some trouble actually jumping myself)

5. Become a psychologist

This is my aim. I have seen first hand how rubbish mental health care is in the UK (no offence to the NHS, they can’t help having their budgets cut!) and I want to help people. I think I want to be a clinical psychologist, but maybe counselling…still undecided for now.

6. Write a book (and get it published)

I have always loved writing. When I was younger, and my brother was even younger, I always used to invent stories for him at bedtime (when he didn’t want any of his books). I would love to write something that really captures the reader’s imagination. J. K. Rowling is a massive inspiration, but that’s aiming a bit high!

7. Have a family

I think this has to go on here. I am only 19, but one day (a way away) I want to get married (to the right person) and have kids, family, the whole fairytale really.

8. See the Northern Lights

(In real life rather than pictures – obviously). They look so beautiful and magical. This definitely has to be done, possibly in Norway. Talking of Northern Lights, Brother Bear is a good film too (even if it is for kids).


Northern Lights

9. Get a first in my degree

This is something I would love to do, but it’s highly unlikely. Still, I plan to work my butt off, and if that’s not good enough, then that’s how it is.


10. Run a marathon

It might be the whole “olympic fever”, but I was thinking recently that I’d love to do it, must be such a great feeling at the end! To this my dad replied: “I’d love to finish a marathon it’s just the first 26 miles I don’t want to do.” He thinks he’s hilarious (he’s not.)


So there’s 10 things, I know there are more, but I can’t think of them right now so I’ll stop at 10. It’s a nice round number anyway. 😀


17 thoughts on “Things I want to do in my life

  1. drishism says:

    Nice list. I volunteered in Uganda a couple years ago.

    I want to run my first marathon next year… I start training in a couple weeks (still traveling so I can’t start sooner).

    I want to write a book, and start a family too.

    Best wishes in getting your list done : )

  2. buckwheatsrisk says:

    i live where you can see the Northern lights, but i haven’t seen them yet as i am knew here…maybe come this winter. 🙂 you have awesome dreams! go for them with everything you’ve got!

  3. soultherapist says:

    Wow! that’s a beautiful project! I have some things in mind for my list, but definitely, find love and my other half will be my top list. Love is the thing I want above all.

  4. The Quiet Borderline (back in hospital) says:

    What an excellent list of things that you want to achieve. I’m 27 now and missed all these parts of my life out – I’m jealous of you I really am!

    Good luck xx

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