Forgetful elephant – Calm Things

I posted a couple of days ago about things that make me feel calm —>

However, I completely forgot to include the thing that actually gave me the idea to write this post. (Who says elephants don’t forget?)

Bob the lamp

This is Bob.

Bob is a lamp that I was given for my birthday by my brother. I’m sure there are a couple of questions right now: Why is it called Bob? Why did your brother buy you a lamp? And What does this have to do with calm things? But I will come to answer all of these questions – do not worry!

Bob is a colour changing lamp, he goes purple, pink, red and orange. This is very calming to watch (answer to Question 3) and most nights I watch the colours change for a few minutes before I go to sleep, then I switch him off as I can’t sleep if there is any light.

The answer to question 2 is, to be quite honest, I’m not really sure. My brother has two similar lamps, and I always thought they were quite cool when I was younger, and it also turns purple (my favourite colour), so I can only assume this is why he bought it. But I’m not complaining, as I really quite like Bob!

Now the answer to the first question: Why is it called Bob? I often refer to objects as he or she, and once did this when talking about an Orchid (which is called Steve, but that’s another story) to my boyfriend. He then decided to name my lamp Bob, and it stuck, so he is now called Bob.

I would definitely recommend a lamp like this as a calming technique. It makes me feel peaceful and seems to clear my mind somewhat as I watch the colours change into one another.

This is probably one of my stranger posts, but nevermind, at least you got to meet Bob! 😀


12 thoughts on “Forgetful elephant – Calm Things

  1. Bourbon says:

    Colour changing lamps are the number one thing for calming me too… I love those little pebble ones – I have one, somewhere……. But bob looks better- he has a face! 😉 xx

  2. aallegoric says:

    That just made me think of lamp in my apartment that I haven’t used for years… It doesn’t change colours… but it’s turtle-shaped, one of these Tiffany-lamps (given to me as a birthday gift)… I think I’ll just turn it on tonight 🙂

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