Why isn’t life a fairytale?

Another poem. Although not really fair, because I do have people who try to help me, but the message is more that no one will save you – you have to save yourself.

Why isn’t life a fairytale?


I want to be free from this nightmare,

To escape from this fortress of despair,

It will not let me go; I am trapped,

I need my knight in shining armour.


Will he come for me and fight the dragons?

Does such a person exist for me?

Or is he only in fairytales, for princesses?

I want my own fairytale ending.


Entrapped in depression’s chains I struggle,

I fight to keep afloat in the sea of anxiety,

I want to go home: to where I am safe,

But there’s no saviour to be seen.


I have come to realise over time,

That life is not like in fairytales,

Full of happiness and magic,

And they all live happily ever after.


5 thoughts on “Why isn’t life a fairytale?

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Well, you’re right. l don’t know any couple that are living a fairytale. Still, I find it impossible to totally let go of my princess crown even if it is tarnished a bit.

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