Things that calm me down

Following my “Things do to when feeling down” list, I realised there are certain things that calm me down, so here’s my second list: things that calm me down:


  1. Going for a walk (preferably a long one)
  2. Cuddles with my boyfriend
  3. A hot bubbly bath
  4. Writing in my journal
  5. Deep breaths (this is what everyone says, but its effectiveness should not be underestimated!)
  6. Certain smells – I have a solid perfume that smells of vanilla and it seems to have a calming effect on me
  7. A hot cup of tea*


Anddd…I can’t think of any more…anything to add??


*This does not actually apply to me, as I don’t like tea, coffee, hot chocolate or anything of the sort, but I often hear of people having tea when they’re stressed so I thought I’d add it anyway 🙂

5 thoughts on “Things that calm me down

  1. Jasmine says:

    The New York Public Library (the signature building, the famous one on 5th Avenue). I discovered this very recently. Unfortunately it is only of use to those who are currently in New York, and therefore a fairly temporarily solution

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