The Cycle

Before I post this poem, I would like to warn readers it mentions self harm.

The Cycle

The world looks flat,

Darkness surrounds you,

Like a whirlwind your emotions spin,

Fear, sadness, anger, hopelessness,

Your tears cascade like a waterfall,

The knife seems so appealing,

It offers a few minutes of relief,

But is it worth it?

The knife is against your skin,

But not this time, you say,

I will be strong, I will win,

Not the knife this time,

You curl up in a ball,

Still sobbing; a repetitive drone,

You’re screaming inside your head,

But no one knows, you can’t let them.

You slip into blissful sleep,

And finally, finally you are free,

For a few exhilarating hours,

The pain is numbed, the tiredness gone,

And then you wake up,

And then it all starts again.


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